Features & Benefits of HeatPly Radiant Systems

HeatPly Systems

HeatPly’s unique design distributes a more even heat and floor coverage than most common radiant underlayment systems. Install radiant floor heating above wood or concrete substrates. All plywood construction. Read more below.

Installing Radiant Floor Heating in existing home couldn’t be easier.

You won’t find a better Radiant Floor Heating System!

HeatPly…The Smart Choice for Radiant Floor Heating
Benefits of Radiant Heating

Product Features

  • Ideal cutting-grid for straight forward installation
  • Narrowed spacing for hydronic tubes to increase heat efficiency
  • Convective diffusion channels for uniformed comfort
  • Simple 1’ x 4’ panel dimensions for easy layouts
  • Eco-friendly design with all plywood components
  • Suited for residential or commercial use
  • Install above wood or concrete substrates
  • Silicone free installations
  • Superior finished flooring base

Design Benefits

  • Low profile without reducing PEX tubing diameter for maximum flow
  • Ideal for use on existing construction
  • All plywood construction for easier glue downs
  • Reduced moisture swelling
  • Tighter tubing spacing for reduced operating temperatures
  • Ideal for solar application and heat pump applications
  • Eco-friendly design